LLanddowror Community Council
in     by Administrator 05-09-2019

Carmarthenshire are changing how they deal with waste and recyling from the start of October 2019.

  • The number of black bin bags each household can put out in the relevant collection week is reduced from 4 to a maximum of 3. There will be the opportunity to apply for a larger allowance by larger families, those with children who use nappies, or those who generate coal ash waste from indoor fireplaces.

  • There will be designated sorting areas for any black bag waste taken to a recycling centre and residents will be expected to remove any recyclable material there.

  • Food bin liners will be issued with the blue bags when that happens, to encourage food waste recycling. This will start at the end of September, and there will be a widget on the website for people to find their own likely delivery period.

 CCC will start promoting this widely from 9th September, but the information is already on their website at http://newsroom.carmarthenshire.gov.wales/2019/07/black-bag-reduction-and-food-bin-liners-to-help-recycling




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