LLanddowror Community Council


All Community Council Meetings are open the public and are usually held on the second Monday of each month at 7.00 pm. Meeting locations alternate between the Meeting Room in Llanddowror and and the Resource Centre in Llanmiloe - see the list below for the next few dates and locations.

Should you have something you wish raised, please contact the Clerk  

(clerkllcc@gmail.com ) so that it can be included on the next most convenient Agenda.

The next few meetings will be held as follows:

    • 13th May  -              Llanmiloe Resource Centre
    • 10th June   -            Llanddowror Meeting Room
    • 9th September -       Llanmiloe Resource Centre
    • 14th October -         Llanddowror Meeting Room
    • 11th November-       Llanmiloe Resource Centre


 Contact the Clerk if you wish more information.


Electors rights - the annual accounts are available for public inspection by arrangement during the month of July - please see the link for more information.


If you are interested in hiring the Meeting Room for an event or party, please do get in contact with the Clerk.

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The minutes of meetings are available on this website, and are posted on the Council's noticeboards in Llanddowror and Llanmiloe. Meeting agendas are available on this website.